Renaissance Portraits

Extraordinary Portraits for Discriminating Patrons

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Mia walked into the studio one day, asked to have her portrait made, but would not say who it was to be given to. She rearranged her hair letting it fall down over the front of her right shoulder.  A second shot was taken while she turned her head to her left. She chose that oneā€”and left.
Dr. Michael "Mike" Charney, anthropological pathologist, at Colorado State University. Mike was a major force in identifying the remains of American POWs during the Viet Nam war.
Earl Kage was the Director of Eastman Kodak's Motion Picture Research Studios in Rochester, New York. He sat for me in a studio prop for testing the newly arrived Lowell northlight.
Mr. Everett of Fort Collins, Colorado, oldest of living five generations, 1978.
Mr. Everett of Fort Collins, Colorado, oldest of living five generations with his Great, Great Grandchild, 1978.
Dr. Rosenberg holding an ancient book from his collection. He was a history professor at Colorado State University. He was one of five professors at CSU who posed for a series of five posters directed towards students to read and support the Morgan Library at CSU.
Beaumont Newhall, creator of the Photography Department at the Museum of Modern Art, later to become the Director of the George Eastman House in Rocheser, N.Y. He wrote the first History of Photography.
Darrell Skurich is one of those rare persons whose life has taken a different path. He restores vintage aircraft in Fort Collins, Colorado. Behind him is the fuselage of a Messerschmitt 109. Taken for "One Day in Fort Collins."
Bruce Ariss was one of the well known artists of Monterey, California. He was a close friend of John Steinbeck and "Doc" Ed Ricketts. All of them hung out at "Doc's Lab" on Cannery Row. Bruce was one of the founder's of "Doc's Lab" after Ricketts was killed in a train crash. A few weeks after this photograph was made, Bruce died.
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