Renaissance Portraits

Extraordinary Portraits for Discriminating Patrons

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Dr. Riane Eisler, author of "The Chalice and the Blade" and others, is a world wide lecturer and co-founder with her husband, Dr. David Loye, of the Center for Partnership Studies.
Dr. David Loye, cinematographer, author, social psychologist, lives with his wife, Riane Eisler in Carmel, California. Co-founder of the Center for Partnership Studies. David has founded the Darwin Project, which can be found on the Internet at
Reverend Ostertag at his office desk of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. He became rather famous in that he was the first Episcopal minister to marry a same sex couple. For this he was nearly excommunicated, removed from his parish and sent to another, much smaller one, in the Southwest.
Dr. Albert Meyers, creator of Maytansine drug for cancer in his classroom at Colorado State University.
Dorothy Scott in her studio on Devil's Gulch Road on the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park at Estes Park, Colorado.
Dr. and Mrs. Barnes of Ft. Collins, Colorado created a scholarship fund to help deserving micro-biology students at Colorado State University where he was a professor.
Gloria Swanson was awarded the George Eastman Award about which she asked me its meaning. "Only a way for Jim Card of the Eastman House Motion Picture Archives to advance his program." She responded, "Well, it's nice to be back. I've friends here."
Nathan Lyons, assistant director at the Eastman House while installing the exhibition "Seeing Photographically." I thought the white shirt too white and had him put on my raincoat. He reached into the pocket and pulled out a cassette of Kodachrome holding it up in frame four--and smiling, something rarely caught by a camera.
Minor White, photographer, teacher, founder and editor of "Aperture" magazine, with his Visual Communications class at RIT, 1962-3.
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