Renaissance Portraits

Extraordinary Portraits for Discriminating Patrons

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Gus Arriola in his studio in Carmel, California. Gus was a Hollywood animator, turned cartoonist. He created the Spanish cartoon series, "Gordo." Gus is one of the remaining members of "Doc's Lab" on Cannery Row.
Ruth Koelzer-Ware, silversmith, American Indian art collector, writer and author at her home studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ruth wrote about and I photographed locally owned Indian art pieces for a special "Women's Day Magazine" on American Indian beads and another on jewelry. These articles were the largest ever to have been made for the magazine.
Ben Nighthorse Campbell, American Indian and first to be a U.S. Congressman. Photographed for "Women's Day Magazine" in Fort Collins, Colorado while making his famous silver pieces.
Christo, on the right, and his photographer Wolfgang Volz pose at artist and professor Dave Yust's home studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, 1983.
Richard Butler, then Australian Ambassador to the United Nations and Sam Brookfield, President of the of the United Nations Business Development Council. Taken at the Brown Palace, Denver, Colorado during an Australian poromotional tour. Unbeknowst to them Peter Coors was downstairs introducing XXXX Aussie beer to the public and Press!
Saul Bass at the International Poster Competition Exhibit at Colorado State University, 1985.
Saul Bass in motion at the International Poster Competition Exhibit at Colorado State University, 1985.
Dr. Ben Magseman and O'Linda Magseman of Ft. Collins, Coloado participate with Doctors Without Borders.
German Shepherd also known as Alsatian
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